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February 14, 2007



Your entry reminds me of the one thing I really LOVE about Gabe's day care. They celebrate no holidays at all- only birthdays. For each holiday, they send home a reminder that we are not to bring anything into the classroom for that holiday (food, cards, trinkets, or other). They have the policy to be PC because we have a HUGE variety of backgrounds in the school. At first I thought it might suck, but after hearing too many tales like yours, I just love that I am never under pressure to bring anything. Even on birthdays we are not allowed to bring treats (because they don't allow sugar and junk food). They make a banana bread (or other similar fruit-sweetened dessert) and if someone in the family REALLY insists on bringing something for the class, they can buy a toy for the room.

Yes, I was upset that he could not wear his "Boo" sweatshirt to school in October...but it's a small price to be generically off the hook for holiday treats.

Good luck with St. Paddy's Day!

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