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July 19, 2007



Oh, gosh. I have gone through some of this with my parents (and continue to). My only answer is: try to keep it positive and just be there. For my own state of mind, I look at it like this: my parents are humans doing the best they can. I can encourage, I can IMPLORE, but ultimately they make their own decisions. Just accept and love them, hopeless faults and all.

Thinking of you guys, I pray it's an infection and gets cleared up easily.


Dealing with parents is much like dealing with the toddler. Except we have trouble putting them in time out for rebellious behavior!

Jenn (dish)

My dad is stubborn about seeing the doctor and is only swayed when his doctor scares the crap out of him. Like flat out telling him that he will die (and meaning it). Sorry that you also get to deal with a stubborn parent.


I don't understand why people aren't listing the facts about asthma? Doesn't matter if it's about Hillary Clinton or Milk, I'd just like the facts mam.

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