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May 31, 2008



The eating thing is so stressful. I try to be all zen and all about it, but it's hard.

My son won't eat pizza either and for some reason this is worse for me than all the other stuff he won't eat. Everyone eats pizza! What gives?

DE Mommy

I've thought a lot about your comment that your DD is stubborn and if she was genetically related to you, you'd swear she got it from you.

I know I'm trying to remain anonymous, but here is some personal info about me: I'm a mid-career psychology professor at a research university. There is no evidence that being stubborn or strong willed is genetically inherited. There is more of an enviromental link than a genetic link.

So she more than likely DID inherit that from you.

I don't know whether that makes you feel better or worse! :-) But I have been thinking about that a lot this week.


You know, I have a theory: that it's always helpful if you're kid thinks you're just a LITTLE bit crazy. Not lose-it-call-Child-Protective-Services crazy, you understand; more of a "Wow, I remember that time when mom REALLY got ticked off, I better not go there" kind of crazy. They tend to listen to you a bit better.

So cut yourself some slack, consider that "shining mother moment" just another feather in your discipline arsenal, learn from it and move on. You're doing a great job.


Just A LITTLE Bit Crazy K.

Jenn (dish)

I've been there myself. I don't think I used the same word, but I expressed the same sentiment. Then I felt terrible.

You are just a normal mom, period. The ones who claim that they never get angry like that are lying.

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