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October 09, 2008



Two things: Doctors are almost all totally full of shit. In my experience, they rarely look at what's best for you - instead it's all about what's easiest for them.

And, second, you TOTALLY ROCK, girlie! You never cease to amaze me. If more people expended even half the effort you do when it comes to their OWN HEALTH, we'd all be so much better off. And probably a lot healthier. xoxo


This is why our healthcare system is broken. Physicians are paid much more for procedures, so it is in their interests to perform as many as possible. Good for you for doing the research and discussing your options. Watching and waiting is a very healthy alternative, even if you have to fight for it.


Ugh! That is exactly the kind of experience I detest when I see a doctor.

A second and maybe even a third opinion is definitely not a bad idea.


That doctor would have ticked me off too. Ug!


Hmm. I can tell you this - Drs tend to be VERY conservative when treating gallstones, and your Dr. may not be full of it. There are several reasons for this.

First - if you end up with a bile duct blockage from passing a gallstone, it becomes a MUCH more serious issue. It can lead to pancreatitis and emergency surgery that often must be done conventionally (as opposed to laparoscopically). Conventional gallbladder surgery is FAR more invasive, with a much larger incision and a recuperation time of weeks, as opposed to days.

It also often results in a complete removal of the bile duct. If the bile duct is left intact, the patient will require no dietary or lifestyle modifications post-surgery, while the removal of the bile duct often requires diet modifications that most folks find a bit onerous.

Also a blocked bile duct can lead to pancreatitis, which is a seriously life-threatening condition.

The surgeon may do seven of these a week for a myriad of reasons - he may be a specialist in the procedure, and gets a lot of referrals from other docs and surgeons. Laparascopic cholecystectomies are relatively simple, straightforward, and short surgeries and don't take up a lot of surgical time.

I am not saying that he was right one way or the other in your case. I am just saying he may not be totally dismissive, despite the apparent attitude.

And, as we know, I am not a major fan of MD's.

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