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October 16, 2008



better an upper gi than a lower gi...just saying...


Just keep reminding yourself.... an upper GI is better than a colonoscopy! I had one of those in March and whoa boy! I'm too young for that crap (no pun intended). Good luck!


Oh, how I love doctors! I had an upper GI once. It wasn't all that bad. But the tech told me (as I was gagging) that if I threw up, I would just have to drink it all over again. LOL

Plus, you will probably get a really cute chalk moustache.

DE Mommy

I had a talk with a colleague of mine who is very picky about health care. She concurs that you got to the doctor and the clinic with the highest batting average, no matter what the "game." 100 miles round trip takes some time, but if it stops wrong headed surgery, it is nothing.


I had an upper GI once and it was horrible - but only for the reason that nobody prepared me in the least and that was back in the days of yore without blogs and - believe it or not - before google.

The chalky part wasn't that bad, really. But first I had to eat these crumbly gas-producing pellets that exploded in my mouth like pop-rocks. I hated pop-rocks as a kid, and the fact that nobody bothered to explain that they would EXPLODE as I ate them was just too much for me.

I think it might have been not-so-bad if I hadn't been so freaked out...


It does sound like flipping a coin would produce as reasonable of a decision!

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