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October 31, 2008



What a frustrating position to be put in! I say, time for a second opinion...

I can't sleep very well now that I am on the dexamethasone, so I am always up at weird hours watching bad TV. I saw one show about a mysterious stomachy problem which ended up being a loose tiny sphincter that almost nobody even bothers thinking about. That poor woman had gallbladder surgery, an apendectomy and a colostomy. Yikes!

Hope this can be resolved SOON!


Beyotch, indeed. Sorry you have to deal with her!


1) I want credit for reading the whole thing. I suspect people sometimes skim my long posts so I want to let you know I didn't skim.

2) That doctor would make me crazy too. ARRRRRRG

3) I hope the health issues all work out for the best soon.

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