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November 30, 2008



Even at 29 I hated the endless repeats of ring around the rosies - especially the all fall down part - so I like to think it's not about being older. For a few years we would put on music (her choice) and dance like idiots and that was about as close to playing as I would get.I am a pretty involved mom as far as baking and hiking and going to plays and music things and doing art projects... I just don't like to "play". Anything that started out "You be the queen and ..." - forget it. Not my thing. Luckily it either sank in or she outgrew that kind of play!


You're not too old. Being a good mother (which you are) doesn't have anything to do with being able to run circles around your kids. I think older parents have the advantage of hard-earned wisdom, which those of us who did it at a younger age didn't necessarily have.

And I don't think the direction thing is genetic - I think it's more gender-based. Number one on my Christmas list is a GPS, because I also go out of my way to stay on streets I am familiar with. I have been lost too many times.


I'm 35, and get so much more tired physically with #3, than I did when I was 28 with #1. But you know what? I also don't flip out if I have a horrible night's sleep. I don't care what other parents think. I don't blame myself if the baby is fussy -- I know that sometimes babies are just fussy. I have perspective at this age, which is something invaluable, I think, when you are an older parent.


Ha! I have no sense of direction either. I figure I should just go the opposite direction of my instincts and then I would be OK....

My mom was in her 20s when she had all 5 of us, and when I was a teenager I thought she was old -- well, both of my parents, actually. And now, in their 70s, I am amazed at how active and sharp they are. Kids are always going to think you're old and out of it at some point. I'm just hoping it all balances out in the end.

And it's never too late to start excercising and take care of yourself for the long run. That actually does get more important as you get older, regardless of the kids. (Not that I have any right to point fingers here... but my parents do -- they are in GREAT shape. :)


I've decided that I'm glad I had my children later in life. DH and I got married when we were 23 and wanted to have 4 children before we were 30. Ha! We had our one daughter right after DH turned 30 and I was in a few months. Now it looks like we're having twins when we're both 38. BTW, my mom had both me and my only brother before she turned 23.

I've decided though that the wisdom I have now definitely outweighs having children in my 20s. Granted this is just how I feel. I don't know how this translates to others. I just think I have a lot more patience, understanding and the ability to think things through in my parenting more than I would if I did this when I was younger.


40 year old first time mom (unless you count the one that didn't live very long) and I agree with other comments. I'm feeling my age in my body, but happy to have the experiences I have had to be a better mom emotionally. You are doing fine, imho.


You mean you got up in the tube and crawled around and played with her up there until she was ready to get down and you think that a younger mom would have done anything differently? What?

These days you are not so unique as an 'older' mom was in your grandmother's day. Times have changed and moms come in all different, well, everything these days.

And besides from my point of view, here with my almost 2-year old son, you are a young mom. Ha! It is all relative.

You are young, don't blow a precious minute feeling old when you are young! But heck, gripe if you want to, it's your blog. I'll keep reading anyway.


I understand! But you are still young and you offer so much in the way of experience and patience. hang in there! We all go through the "am I too old?" thing. I do it too.

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