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November 16, 2008



Wow, that's some fast-moving medical work! I am so happy that it's over and that you are okay.

Can you fire a volunteer?


Well, I skimmed this one. The baby is in the other room expressing her displeasure.

I read the part about the volunteer - the @#%$

AND about the important part . . good riddance, I say!


Wow. When you make up your mind, you sure move fast!

And thankfully, so. I think you made the best decision. Now you have peace of mind that this problem won't resurface later, either while trying to get pregnant or actually pregnant.

Feel better soon!


Hope you are feeling better. Despite some unpleasantries (what the hell is wrong with people!??!?!?) it seems to have turned out pretty well. Congrats on having it behind you. Well done, I must say. Now, we, I mean you, can move on to the fun ttc. Oh, wait...ok, not so fun....until it works. So, on to the fun!

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