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December 24, 2008



Icicle! At the end of The Lovely Bones, when the guy gets killed by an icicle, I wondered if that could ever really happen...

I think four is a hard age for all of this - old enough to want to get stuff, but not really old enough to understand concretely about need vs. want. I think it's kind of the same to them.

We've tried a lot of different volunteerish things, but the best one is a group which connects with families in transitional housing. They give us wish lists and we can either provide everything or divvy up the list and share with as many people as it takes to give them what they need. We give things like coats and pillows, so it does hit home that fancy toys and gadgets are above and beyond what some people put on their lists.

I should figure out how to make her save some of her allowance and use her own money for this - she does use some of her money for smaller giving, but this tends to be a big chunk. If I could get it together to plan in advance I could figure out how to have her save enough to by some of the bigger things... It's actually fun for her to go to the Target and pick out baby bottles and pajamas and things like that.

I hope Christmas morning solves the amount-of-presents problem at your house! I think at four it might be the first really memorable Christmas, and it's bound to be beautiful with the snow and the, um, icicles. As long as the roof doesn't cave in on top of the tree!


Are we neighbors? Ok, our house isn't quite so old and it was built my the poor people, but we are dealing with similar issues here. Fortunately, the water damage is (so far) contained to the outside of the house. We are losing the battle with the ice dams.

I want to move south too. Ick

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