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February 02, 2009



That's awesome! They're really starting earlier these days than we did. I think we can thank pre-school for that. My second-grade granddaughter is reading the Goosebump chapter books, which impresses me. I don't remember reading that type of book before about 4th grade.

Book suggestions? How about taking her to the library, letting her get her own library card and pick out an age-appropriate book every week. It's a fun trip for them (and also helps teach them something about responsibility).

Try pig-latin. It might work for a while.


My 4-year old learned how to read with the box series by Nora Gaydos. There are a few Level 1 box sets, and then level 2, etc. The pictures are so cute, and for every book they complete, there's a sticker they can put in the book. We love them.


When Ivy started reading, she'd read a lot of her old board books. They became interesting again when she could actually read the words. We also liked the "stages" books... now she's reading chapter books! Well, I help a lot (I think she gets bored) but she likes to read the speaking parts. Where did our babies go?? And it SUCKS when you can't spell things anymore. Totally not fair.

AND yay for the stay. I was so excited when I read that!!


It really IS amazing when kids can actually read - just to see it all click into place is unbelievable.

As far as early reading, my daughter liked Herbie and Lottie books - there aren't too many words on a page, but the words are interesting and more unusual than the basic easy-reader stuff. She also like Junie B Jones books, which I came to loathe personally, but she read every single one.

I second the idea of a library card - it's such a good way of finding the right books.

Also, good luck with trying to talk in front of her - my husband and I used our mediocre high-school French for a while, but somehow kids can pick up on nuance and context enough that we just ended up with a lot of "I know you're talking about me! And I am NOT tired!"

To give her credit, she did seem to get all the cognates. Good luck! Maybe try Cantonese?

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