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August 06, 2009



From what I have heard from friends with kids, it's crazy the number of things parents have to keep track of these days. All I remember my parents keeping track of when I went to school is the time to drop me off and pick me up from school!


This is just the beginning - I can only say that you will have to set aside a time every week to update the calendar with all the various projects/events/meetings/etc. - it is an ongoing task to keep up with all of the various bits of information.

My daughter also had the catered lunch thing. It wasn't bad, but it did get to be really tedious, with the same "kid-friendly" (read: bland) choices every week. We did a lot of packed lunches, which sounds like a horrible lot of work, but we streamlined it fairly well and her lunches were actually really fabulous.

Still, I'll be happy for middle school - lots of choices and no more pasta with tomato sauce!!!!


Oh my gosh, I am overwhelmed just reading about it. Ug, makes me dread those years.

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