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August 15, 2009



I've seen this too and I feel exactly the same way you do. I don't find women breastfeeding in public offensive yet this doll is disturbing to me. I guess I wonder why little girls need a special doll that sucks and gurgles for breastfeeding? If they want to pretend, why not just hold the doll they have (any doll) to their chest. Maybe what I find disturbing is the halter thing with the daisies that are supposed to substitute as breasts. I don't know. I just know if I have a daughter, I will support her if she wants to breastfeed her doll, but I wouldn't buy her this doll.


I agree with Summer.

Jenn (dish)

I agree with Summer--I'm ok with my kids breastfeeding their dolls, but I wouldn't want to get a special doll for that purpose. In fact, my son pretended to breastfeed his stuffed animals when I was nursing my daughter and I thought it was cute.


I just hate the idea that a girl needs a plastic pre-made gadget bought for her if she wants to pretend to breast-feed.

What ever happened to the imagination?

The other thing is that by the time my daughter wanted to play with a baby doll she wanted to make it picnics out of her wooden mushrooms and onions - later she would make pieces of pizza out of paper triangles and draw ingredients and cut them out so that she could put on different toppings. She would really only use the doll as an audience for her own activities - the idea of faking a doll-based activity would never have appealed to her.

My final vote - yuck for the marketing of an idea, not the idea itself. If a girl wants to breastfeed her doll, great. Go for it! I can't see why it would make them want to become promiscuous earlier - if all of the things children played at were indications of what they would do at a young age the world would be full of young astronauts and sea captains and neurosurgeons and of course fifty percent of everybody would be a veterinarian...

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