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October 12, 2009



Can't help you with the part part - my hair does it's own thing to the extent that my hairdresser has designed the cut to go with the "tousled" look. As for everything else, blame it on the evil estrace. I'll send my good thoughts into the universe for you transfer, and hope those six tablets a day help it all happen.

That kid is going to keep you on your toes, at least in terms of snappy comebacks!


Glad I'm not the only one with the pee-shower issue...

Best to you and your embryos on Monday!

Bee Cee

Just stopping by to wish you loads of luck for Monday!!


Good luck with your transfer!


Hair. unpredictable at best, I am no help there.

But prayers. I can, and will, send a bunch your way.


I've got naturally curly hair so every day is a bad hair day for me!

You should cover something in chocolate and not offer it to DD. If she asks about it say, well, it's a chocolate covered XYZ and you've never had that before so I know you won't like it. Maybe then you could bargain with her that if she wants to try the chocolate XYZ, she needs to agree to try other foods as well. I am sure she can outsmart that one, too ... kind of sad how much mental energy we need (and lack) for our little ones, huh?

We'll be praying for those embryos! (and you!)


OMG . . . DD is too funny!

I have the same experience with the shower . . .don't know either.

GL with the transfer!

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