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November 07, 2009



First, I am sorry about the negative - always a bummer, and then to be dealing with your mom's endless clutter, it must seem that no matter what you do you never really get anywhere.

We are trying to go through just our garage junk and it's trying. Sometimes it's just hard to figure out what to do with things, and we don't even have those sort of hoarding problems. Although we do seem to keep too much junk around when it's out in the garage and nobody has to think aobut it much...

Enough Already

I hear you sister. I'm not dealing with what you are but there doesn't seem to be any place my life for me. If I could put time in a bottle, I'd put it in for a mani/pedi.

And don't even get me started about "O" and I don't mean "Oprah"

Antique Mommy

This post hit home for me. I am an anti-hoarder out of reaction to my mother's hoarding. I grew up in a house where I couldn't even set my plate down on the kitchen table for all the cr*p on it. I love my mother dearly but the clutter makes me crazy. My brothers and I say when the day comes, we are going to throw in a stick of dynamite and run like hell. No sorting for us.

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