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December 21, 2009



Oh, what happy and sad news at the same time.

Best, best of luck with the transfer! And so sorry to hear about your cat!


Life and death.

I absolutely agree about making the compassionate choice for a suffering animal, but that doesn't make it seem any easier.

As for life, you know I mean your little transferred one!


Sorry about the cat. That's never an easy decision no matter how many times you've had to do it. I hope the transfer sticks and helps you end the year on a happier note.

Bee Cee

So sorry about your cat. I dread the day that my cat goes, makes me tear up at the thought.

The positives are that you are in a great place, with one snuggled inside. I really hope this is the good news to follow the bad. Best of luck.


sigh, sad news about your cat. Sorry.

one leaves, another arrives.

with you in hope!!!

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