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January 25, 2010



Another older mommy here. And hoping with everything I have that this time's the charm.


My husband also thought I'd resent him forever if we didn't keep going - otherwise he never would have agreed to spend those ginormous sums of money on IVF.

I think I probably would have held it against him if we didn't pursue our last three-cycle-deal, but that ultimately I know that not having a second child isn't the deal-breaker that not having a child at all might be.

I hope the old donor is the secret ingredient!


I am 47.5 years old and every day I think about another child. Every day! Torturous longing. I feel blessed to have my son, also had him at 44 like you had your daughter. We are blessed, you and I. And may you blessed one more time. (And then we'll see how many gray hairs you have on your head!)
I am ever hopeful for you. I believe...


I'm sorry. I hope you will find peace if the next cycle doesn't do the trick. Hoping that it will, of course.

Tanya Siekman

Haven't been here for a long time, nor have I blogged for a long time. The triplets turned five and I'm about to turn fifty-three. It's a good age, for all of us.

I would like to talk to you ... and if you can bring yourself to call a stranger, please do. You can contact me through my website. I know you know how to find me. :)

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Dairy Wife and Mom to The FarmHouse Kids

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