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August 04, 2010



Best of luck to you.


Oh, good luck!

I have read a book on sleep so that makes me an expert. ;)

But the book (The Promise of Sleep) written by a 40 year veteran of sleep research said that it is impossible to get too much sleep. In military studies for sensory deprivation at first everyone slept more but once they got caught up on sleep only slept 7.5-8.5 hours per night even though the participants would have gladly slept more if they could.

He goes on to say that once you start getting caught up on sleep you are actually more tired for awhile and (at the time of writing) he didn't know why that was.

I say it is great that you are more tired that means you are getting closer to being rested!

BTW -I would make your RE mow the lawn if this doesn't work - with a pair of scissors.


Just catching up on everything and wanted to wish you luck!

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