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September 24, 2010



When you've had a great doctor, all others tend to pale by comparison.

Hope the new OB works out, but if not, could you find someone else? Of course, you'd still have the problem of finding another one that you like.


My OB was pathetic, unfortunately, but it all had a happy ending.

I have never counted calories, but I know some useful foods come with lots of calories. Like avocado. So, there will be times that you may go over your identified number.


Just stumbled across your blog, nice to meetcha! Congratulations on #2, sounds like things are going wonderfully so far. Sorry about your OB retiring, that stinks. So much easier to work with docs you know, trust AND like. I had one of those and managed to never ever see her. Had a miscarriage once and then DD was a month early. Meh. It all worked out well, at least...

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