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September 21, 2010


kris (lower case)

my son slept with us until he was 10 and got a hamster...go figure..the day the hamster came n=home and was put in his room he stayed there... i have no issue with co-sleeping for as long as they need. lots more people do it until 10 or 12 than you think... no one brags about it so you never hear about it.


WOO HOO! So excited to read about this journey for you!


Also a cosleeper here. I don't have a problem with it. His dad – who is on the kicking end of Mr. McSquirmy – has lots of problems with it though. Therefore, we are trying to encourage him to sleep on his own. Love your daughters bed and shelves, very cool. We are looking into bunk beds at this tyime, hoping for kris's "hamster effect."

My son's Ped is in his mid-70s. He is on the ball, detailed, experienced. I love it. I trust that he is good enough to know when he has had enough. Hope you like the OB. (how exciting!!)

And you can be his first OB patient of your age, that'll bring some excitement into his day!

Sleep well and take good care of those cankles ;-)

Stephanie Hodlerfield

I'm 41 years old and after a 10 year battel with infertility... I WON!!! I'm 5 weeks 5 days pregnant with our first.

Arno guillemard

I love the bed. Where did u buy it?

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