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October 13, 2010



I'm sorry your family can't be more supportive, although I'm glad your dad was able to say something unhurtful when you talked to them about it again.

As for your OB, will there is no excuse for what he said. Whether you do or don't have more children really is none of his business unless it would severely jeopardize your health. And even if there was a medical issue, talking about sneaking in a tubal isn't the way to address it!

Jacquie | After Words

I'm sorry that you didn't get the reaction (or the support) that you were hoping for. People are idiots.

My OB, well versed in my fertility issues, also brought up the possibility of a tubal ligation. Honestly, I don't think it's a knock on your age (or mine at the time--I was 37), but if you're going to have a tubal post c-section, you need to file the paperwork well in advance so that no one can mistakenly claim that it was done in the heat of the moment.


I'm sorry that the support you deserve isn't forthcoming. However, wonderful that DD is excited about the prospect of being a big sister!

We're still waiting for the clinic to match us for the donor embryos and then hopefully I'll follow in your footsteps. I have to admit I'm a little worried about the reception I'll get from certain people.


I think I've mentioned this before but honestly, you could live to be 90 and your children could be grandparents while another woman who had children in her 20s could die at 35. There is no rhyme or reason to when our time comes.

You are a great mom and your children will have wonderful memories of you no matter how long or short your are in their lives. You have no control over it, so enjoy your pregnancy, your motherhood and try to ignore the naysayers. Easier said than done, I know. Just wanted to lend you a little support!


Warmest wishes for you and your family! WARNING: Early M/C mentioned-I just wanted to say that I was in a similar boat. When I was 47, my husband and I wanted to add to our family with the embryos we had frozen during our successful fresh donor egg cycle. Happily We got pregnant and told my in-laws at 8 weeks after first ultrasound. their response was "Oh no! You didn't! oh, sheesh...well, I guess its too late now to do anything about it" I was hurt, but smug. We miscarried at 10 weeks, and of course got the "Its all for the bst" speech. I am SO in your corner and happy for you! you go girl!!!


First, I am sooo glad that things have been going well for you! (Relatives responses notwithstanding, of course.)

I get the age comments, too, but I always just say that nobody knows how long any of us have. I have actually used that "hit by a bus" argument more times than I can count.

I think it's true that there are plenty of things about being an older mom that aren't ideal. My knees crack when I am tryng to tiptoe in to check on my son, my abs are not springing back the way they did when I was thirty, I need to do waaay more stretching to stay limber enough to play on the floor. But these are not the main issues of parenting, so it's not such a big deal, really...

Will be interesting to know what your brother does say about it!

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