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December 18, 2010



I have horror stories, too, of how people treated me in the ER, the doctor's office, at the lab. I also think that OB offices need to have separate waiting rooms for people who are not pregnant (perhaps doing their routine GYN visit, getting birth control, trying to get pregnant, etc.) and people who are actually pregnant. Pediatricians do it all the time with well and sick waiting rooms. Fifteen minutes after the ultrasound tech told me my baby was dead, she was in the same OB office waiting area with me getting a check-up for her pregnancy. We had to sit next to each other. I thought I would die.

Thinking of you, always.


You have been on my mind a lot. I can't believe the way your OB office has handled the situation. Really, even if your OB thought someone else would handle your call, why wouldn't he follow up on that and make sure? Also, a pregnant woman heading over to the ER? Doesn't that tell you something might be going wrong? And you berate the woman for going to a different ER? I am beyond angry for you and I don't think it is you being oversensitive.

It sounds like things are a bit better but can still be difficult at times. But, it has not been that long since you lost your child. And really, I don't imagine anyone fully recovering when they have lost a child. Be gentle with yourself and I hope whatever is in store for you and your family, you will be at peace with what happens.


I am so sorry first for the loss..... It makes me ache for what you are going through and how so many of us are in this "silent club" of loss.... Then I am sorry and mad about the way you were treated! Some people have no clue the hurt they can add to a situation, by their words and actions (or "lack of action).
The waiting room is such a sad place when you are the woman hurting.... Until my loss, I never realized how a ob/gyn waiting room could be a torture chamber.....
Anjali was my life line during those dark days..... and we had never met before our losses. Writing to others seem to help me, however, it seemed to be complete strangers who helped so much more.
I had a necklace made that holds the month our baby was due, and the month she died. I wear it everyday. It has been 4 years.
I will pray for your healing... physical and of your heart...
Peace .....
Sisters in healing,


I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Your loss as well as how your doctor's office is handling things. I really hope you can change OBs and find a better one. And I agree that you should try to be kind to yourself. The loss of a baby is just that. I've been there three times and I feel your pain. (((Hugs)))


I'm so sorry your OB and his entire office failed you. You've been through so much - I can only hope some good will come to you through your earth angel. I'll be thinking of you - take care of yourself.


Sorry about your doctor. And the nurses. Inexcusable.

But. Embryo adoption? That is remarkable news. Amazing. I feel a bright hopefulness for you for 2011.

I am happy to hear from you again, although sorry about the toe. And the insensitivity by the doc and nurses. And the sadness. And the pain you suffered physically and emotionally.

I hope you have a Happy Christmas. And I'll be watchin' you in 2011, I think there is some wonder in store for you.



Hi Midlife Mommy. I am delurking to say that I was so upset when you miscarried. I'm so sorry. For whatever reason, my reaction was to not be able to say anything to you, I just couldn't, probably because I was getting ready to do a cycle and needed to protect myself. I'm sorry cause I really wanted you to know I was so sad for you. It all just sounds really rough. Happy late birthday. My Birthday is 11/29, around the same time. I hope your holidays were good and that you are recovering as much as possible.

Jacquie | After Words

I'm so sorry not to have responded sooner, and I'm so very sorry for your loss.

I hope the new year has brought you some peace.

I would love to hear how you're doing.


Just wanted to drop by and say that I think about you and I hope you are doing ok.

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