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February 21, 2011



You're in a tough place. I'm really sorry. I've been thinking of you and wishing you well even if I haven't commented. Hang in there and I do hope the end reveals itself soon.


I, too, have been thinking about you and wondering how you were. Thanks for posting, even though it might not have been the best or easiest thing for you right now.

And I will continue to think about you and hope you find a way through all this that is satisfying and brings you contentment.


Happy to see you post again. Boy, this is a difficult time for you. As you know, I am an older first-time mom who longs for a sibling for my son. I get that longing. I know too well that it doesn't go away just because a body won't cooperate, we reach a certain age, or we have achieved parenthood.

Hope it gets easier for you and that you get an answer soon. Limbo is unbearable.

I still believe in a happy ending to your story, fwiw.

Angel La Liberte

I so understand where you are right now. I had my first at 41, then miscarried at 43. I deeply wanted a sibling for my son. On my 44th birthday, I finally gave up, only to conceive and give birth just before my 45th birthday, a daughter. Keep believing. Miracles do happen. I feel very strongly about supporting women having children after 40. I've started a new online private community for us called A Child After 40, and would also like to feature your blog on my website Library. Please visit and let me know what you think. Keep the faith!

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