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October 16, 2011



Something seems very, very wrong there. Like you needed this!! I am sorry.

But it's not all of us internets, some of us you can trust, but some you should not, like not her or her husband.



Wow, I can't imagine how tough all of this has been. I agree with Paz, something is off about this. If she changed her mind, she had plenty of chances to tell you about as you kept that door open. This is so, so wrong and I am incredibly angry and sad for you.


I'm sorry - she really does sound a little nuts and I'm sorry you got strung along.


I am absolutely incensed, and I feel very bad for you too. Something just doesn't add up here, and I would love to know (and hope you someday find out) what the missing piece is.

It in inconceivable to me that someone who has been through IF treatment, and who knows intimately how meaningful and precious small scraps of hope can be, could toy with your feelings and your time like this.


I wondered what happened to you and missed reading your blog.

I am so, so sorry you've gone through this and lost so much time. I really hate that people are so mean. And I hate it all for DD, too. I wish there was something more I could do. *hugs*

Bee Cee

Oh dear lord, that's awful. Why put you through ALL that? Fair enough, everyone has the right to change their mind but if so, have some respect for you and your already hurting heart. My heart goes out to you x


Oh no! How could someone who has been through the sort of journey that would lead to having frozen embryos in the first place possibly do this to another IFer? How????

It is sweet of you to try to make excuses for her, but it sounds like she just wasn't able to be a decent person and say "You know what? I am so sorry, but..."

But I'll say it - I am so sorry that you have had to wait and wait and wait and then face yet another disappointment.

Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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